PM Principles

On this page, I’m going to set out some simple principles that, if applied rigorously and consistently will help lead to successful project delivery.  All too often, these principles are not applied and the consequences of this only become apparent once the environment within which the project comes under pressure.

The principles are not intended to be a text book on project management: detailed “how to do it” instructions on project management can be found elsewhere, in standard texts and methodologies.  These principles are meant to set out a disciplined approach to project set-up, governance, control and handover for a typical large and complex organisation that will maximise the likelihood of project success.  This disciplined approach places requirements not only on the project delivery organisation but also on customers and the end users (operators) of the plant or system.

These points are largely written as guidance to clients who are executing complex projects but they could equally apply to suppliers and to people who are conducting smaller projects.  All projects are challenging, because by definition the are not part of everyday business.

PM Principle No.1 – Know who the project customer is
PM Principle No. 2 – Be clear who the project manager is
PM Principle No.3 – The end user
Bringing it together: the integrated project approach
PM Principle No. 4 – The Project Charter
PM Principle No. 5 – Project Governance


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